We offer a full selection of symbols, graphics, and other artistic elements to help your family create a truly personal memorial to your loved one. The following are several personalization choices:
Nearly any graphic design may be lasered onto our black lacquered brass plaques. The laser creates a revealed lovely gold tone which accentuates any personalization request. We have thousands of standard images available, and can accommodate custom requests. Please view sampling of our images and fonts:
Families now have the ability to create a fitting tribute to their loved one incorporating a meaningful photograph or design. Depending upon the material, engravings may be performed on stone, black lacquered brass, ceramic, or some sheet bronze products. Additional time is required to fulfill any custom design orders:
Custom symbols may be available upon request to honor the life of a loved one click here:
Deep engraving with color filling is possible on many memorials. This contributes to thier uniqueness and beauty. Any style of text can be engraved. Please view a sampling of our fonts click here:
Our collection of soild cast appliques may be added to most of our hardwood and sheet bronze memorials. Please view a sampling of our appliques click here:
Our collection of solid cast bronze military medallions serve to honor the memory of our Veterens. Please view a sampling of our medallions click here :

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